General Description:

  • Dimensions: 1820(H) x 570(W) x 210(D)mm
  • Full thermal insulation
  • Fully secured wiring is installed for maximum user safety and kiosk hardware protection
  • Multipoint safetylock
  • Temperature and humidity inside the kiosk is controlled by thermostat and hygrostat sensors
  • Zinc coated chassis plus special RAL outdoor paint
  • Wiring includes: Current protection, High voltage protection, Circuit braker, Thermostat and Hygrostat, Ventilation and Heater

Standard Specifications:

  • 19“ LCD with vandal-proof touch screen
  • Active speakers
  • Small Factor Size PC in custom configuration
  • The Hawk is available in many different configurations all depending on the application

Optional peripherals:

  • 19“ up to 32“ LCD portrait oriented with touchscreen
  • Metal keyboard with trackball
  • Coin selector
  • Note acceptor
  • Card reader(chip, magnetic, noncontact)
  • Pinpad
  • Thermal Printer
  • UPS
  • Dispenser
  • Hopper
  • Camera
  • Telephone handset
  • Barcode reader
  • SiteKiosk Internet Browser
  • Wide Colour Choice, see RAL Colour Scheme
  • Custom graphics
  • WiFi
  • Metal roof with toplight
  • Plexiglass roof
  • Stainless steel pedestal with protection bar
  • Remote control unit
  • Air-condition
  • Other peripherals on request
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